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Based on your CV, we will analyze your knowledge and experience and how they can be applied in Tec’s projects. We feel that a solid partnership is based on how well our consultants can benefit our projects. We take into account the following parameters: the attained knowledge level, the courses taken, the experience and the ability to put all this into practice.

We assess your practical knowledge, experience, motivation and personality in several interviews. We evaluate your specific drive, expertise and experience in your field. This tells us for which project you can be used, and which additional courses may be of interest.

Our collaboration can take on two forms: either you can come and work for us with a permanent or temporary employment contract or you can work independently as a self-employed contractor. Both forms are a solid foundation for professional cooperation.

TEC IT Experts

Experienced professionals

Highly experienced IT professionals are fairly scarce in the employment market. TEC IT has successfully attracted and retained valuable experts and growth companies for more than 20 years.

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Competence Centre

The TEC IT Competence Centres offer permanent training in technical and soft skills to our consultants with an extensive programme that offers huge value.

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Challenging Jobs at TEC IT

Our clients have high demands: they need high potentials for their challenging IT projects. We strive for constant quality and provide them with the best people and services.

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